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豊島 彩花   Sayaka Toyoshima

近年は、美術祭での滞在制作とパフォーマンス「信濃の国  原始感覚美術祭」(信濃大町,2019,2021,2023)や
美術家との共作 前田春日美+豊島彩花「やわらかい杖を置く 平たい目で登る」
(TOKAS OPENSITE7,2022)がある。

Artist/Performer/Dancer/ ikebana

Based in Tokyo. Sayaka started performing in 2015 based on 10 years of experience in flower arranging.

By arranging flowers through my body, tracing the origins of dance through dialogue between flowers, and nature.

In recent years, she have been working on residency and performances at art festivals such as “SHINANO Primitive Senses Art Festival” (Nagano, 2019, 2021, 2023),and collaboration with artists  “MAEDA Kasumi + TOYOSHIMA Sayaka “Put a soft cane Climb with flat eyes”(Tokyo Arts and Space Hongo: ,Tokyo,2022).



中島りか  Rika Nakashima

ロンドン芸術大学チェルシー・カレッジ・オブ・アーツで現代美術を学び、2018年に卒業。作品は、サイトスペシフィックなインスタレーションからパフォーマンス、写真、映像、サウンド、都市空間への公共的な介入、多種多様な専門分野を重ね合わせるような制作手法をとる。限界性と中間性の概念に興味を持ち、パブリックとプライベートの間の非二元的な関係を探り、都市空間内での身体とアイデンティティの社会的構築を指し示す身体を通して、アートのカタルシス的機能を模索する。主な活動に、個展「□より外」(タリオンギャラリー, 2023年)、個展「I tower over my dead body.」(Gallery TOH, 2021)、グループ展「都市のみる夢」(2020, 東京都美術館)等。2021年から、プロジェクトスペース「脱衣所-(a) place to be naked. を始動しコレクティブでの活動を行う他、ハラルショップとの共同企画「スーパーマーケット」や都市開発から自然を守る「 NAWAプロジェクト」を複数のクリエーターと共に2023年より開始した。


Rika is an artist to take multiple forms, ranging from site-specific installations and performances to public interventions in urban space. They are interested in notions of liminality and in-betweenness, explore the liminal relation between the private and public, and investigates the cathartic function of art through gestures which point towards the social construction of bodies and identities. Major exhibitions include solo exhibitions such as 'Keep Out of □' (Talion Gallery, 2023), 'I tower over my dead body.' (Gallery TOH, 2021) and the group exhibition ‘A City Dreaming' (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, 2020) From 2021, she has launched the project space called “脱衣所 - (a) place to be naked." and other activities as a collective, as well as the joint project "Supermarket" with a halal shop and the "NAWA Project" to protect nature from urban development, which started in 2023, together with several creators.




三野綾子 Ayaco Mino 

近年は中之条ビエンナーレ2021、台北でのSynthetic Mediart 2021、アーティストの渡辺篤氏が運営しているアートスタジオ”I’m here”でのレジデンスプログラム(2022)に参加。

Ayaco Mino creates video and installation works by composing another fictional story based on what is recognized as fact or a novel that is widely accepted by the public.  
Her work's subjects are how to catch the certainty of existence by limited perceptions, such as the five senses.  In other words, fluctuation of personal feelings, emotions, and intuition, which are minute but directly affect the individual psyche, and such things exist even if they cannot be perceived. She scoops these up and gives them visible form.
Another story that may have existed functions as a kind of care.
In recent years, she has participated in the Nakanojo Biennale 2021, Synthetic Mediart 2021 in Taipei, and the residency program at the art studio "I'm Here" run by artist Atsushi Watanabe (2022). In addition to creating artworks, she has also planned and organized exhibitions, including "Melancholia" at Kitasenju BUoY (2019) and "Ψ's Garden, Φ's Dream" at Hojo Construction in Sumida-ku, Tokyo (2022), featuring Matsuzawa Yutaka.




メランカオリ Melan Kaori

1991年生まれ、神奈川県出身。2017年に東京藝術大学大学院美術研究科先端芸術表現専攻修了。現在、茨城県で古文講師や地球儀加工の仕事をしながら、「病院・刑務所・墓場に行き場がないものたちの管理人」という肩書きで独自の占いによる制作活動をしている。主な展示に2018年グループ展「明け方の計略」(駒込倉庫/東京)、2018年「富士の山ビエンナーレ2018」(静岡)、2021年「紀の国トレイナート2021」(和歌山)など。企画した占いワークショップに2022年「碇の旅打ち」(脱衣所/東京)、2018年「星々を震撼させるものたちの語らい」(blanClass/神奈川)、受賞歴に、2016年「ゲンビどこでも企画公募2016 藤本由紀夫賞」(広島市現代美術館/広島)がある。



渡辺志桜里 Shiori Watanabe 


全体性を主軸に、個々が集合した現象と、その個に携わる⾝体の境界といったものに焦点を当てて制作。循環し続ける⽔の中に⿂・野菜・オブジェそして微⽣物がバラバラに配置されているインスタレーション作品《サンルーム》(2018-) は、「Dyadic Stem」(The 5th Floor, 2020) 、「ベベ」( WhiteHouse, 2021)、「⽔の波紋展2021」(ワタリウム美術館,2021)と、その都度、形を変え展開していく作品である。⼀⾒して⽣態系や⾝体といった問題を扱いながらも、政治的な天皇制への独⾃の視点が盛り込まれている。

Shiori Watanabe (b.1984-) is a contemporary artist based in Tokyo. She graduated from the Department of Sculpture in the faculty of Fine Arts at Tokyo University of the Arts in 2015, and from the graduate school of Fine Arts in 2017. Shiori Watanabe has expressed her unique[/distinct] worldview in recent shows; “Dyadic Stem" at the 5th Floor (a two-artists show with Shinjiro Watanabe), "Non-Human Control" at TAV GALLERY in 2020, and “Bebe” at Whitehouse in 2021, the first solo exhibition curated by Ryūta Ushiro, a member of artists collective Chim↑Pom.
Shiori Watanabeʼs signature installation work "Sunroom" was made in 2017 to maintains the life of organisms that could continue even after the human extinction. In its making, she collected plants, fish, bacteria, etcetera from the Tokyo Imperial Palace, which used to be a playground in her childhood, and brought them back to her studio. She then separated them into different tanks, connecting them together by water circulation tubes. "Sunroom” thereby functions as an automatic ecosystem, and has been updated since 2017 onward. The decentralised networking, and horizontal movement of water circulation characteristic of "Sunroom” uniquely critiques hierarchical political apparatus, and addresses feminism.


Beatrice Vorster ビアトリス・フォルスター

ビアトリスは、記録と再生のオーディオビジュアル実験を通して、リズム、生存性、フィクションのアイデアに取り組むアーティストである。最近の展覧会に、アントワープのTICK TACKでのcinema、SET Woolwich 2023でのOutpainting、Nicoletti ContemporaryでのNot before it has forgotten you、2022年のロンドンのgreengrassiでのi <3 your outputなどがある。tape_2046として、ロンドンのスペースや国際的な電波で定期的に演奏し、音楽をリリースしている。

SonicScope journal(MIT Press/Goldsmiths Press)の編集委員、ロンドン芸術大学ファインアート科講師。


Beatrice is an artist engaging with ideas of rhythm, aliveness and fictioning through audiovisual experiments with recording and reproducing. Recent exhibitions include cinema at TICK TACK in Antwerp and Outpainting at SET Woolwich 2023; Not before it has forgotten you at Nicoletti Contemporary; i <3 your output at greengrassi in 2022 in London. She performs and releases music as tape_2046 playing regularly across London spaces and international airwaves. 

She is on the editorial board of SonicScope journal (MIT Press/Goldsmiths Press) and a lecturer in Fine Art at the University of the Arts London.


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